Tuesday, 24 August 2021

London Trans Girls on Instagram

 I am a fan of the social media site Instagram, it is one of my favorites and I am on there most of the day, I just end up getting lost in the thousands of photos that get posted, I just flick about, it seems never ending, I always end up looking at other peoples – even if I do not know them.

Like most people I have a few favorites that I follow on the site, these are the people that I go to first, these are the guys that I jump over the rest of to see what they have posted

London Trans Girls – this is an interesting one because as the name suggests they are an Transsexual Directory in fact they are a very big Transsexual Escort Directory including Shemale escort agencies and they are based in London. What makes the things different these guys post is the fact that not all of them are about TS escorts, they post about fashion, cars and lifestyle. This account is very good reading and one to always stop off at after a hard days work they do post photos of some very sexy London TS  escorts.

Rankins Jewelers, I found this account because the London Trans Girls  one follow them and I am very pleased that I did, these guys are based in Central London and are a family run shop, I was shocked at the amount of jewelry they have and they number of posts that they make. I like looking at their account and one day will make a trip over there to buy something although what they stock is very expensive.

Paul Walker, I follow the account Paul Walker on Twitter as well, I was a huge fan – I still am, and I would say that he is sadly missed. I love his films, Fast and The Furious was amazing, how many films can spawn 7 installments and still get bums back in seats. It was such a shame that a man like him was taken from as so early because he is a real lost.

If the above, especially the London TS escort agency one, are not your cup of tea and you know of some that I should take a look at then please feel free to let me know, I love a surf about on the net and will gladly take a look at any that any body sends me just because I love flicking.